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[AGM Podcast] Alt Founder & CEO Leore Avidar on how sports cards are becoming an investable asset class

[AGM Podcast] Alt Founder & CEO Leore Avidar on how sports cards are becoming an investable asset class

Alt Goes Mainstream Podcast Ep. 2 with Leore Avidar, Founder & CEO of Alt

Today we have a guest who is building the infrastructure for a new asset class – sports cards.

Leore Avidar is a visionary founder who is building a ground-breaking company, Alt, which is backed by Alexis Ohanian and Seven Seven Six, as well as First Round Capital, Addition, SV Angel, Box Group, and Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures.

Alt is on its way to changing how we think about investing.

This was such a fun conversation. We talked about:

  • How Leore’s experience and excitement for building infrastructure has dovetailed with his passion and love for sports and collecting cards.

  • How he’s building the future of the sports card market with Alt by creating the tools and infrastructure enable people to value, trade, and store their investments.

  • How cards can be a tool to connect different generations through financial literacy.

  • How culture can become a financial asset.

Alt is the culmination of Leore’s experiences working on Wall Street as a trader to working on the API economy at Amazon Web Services to making direct mail programmable at Lob.

He's building the infrastructure - much like Coinbase has done in crypto - for the world of alternative investments and specifically trading cards.

As we've seen the development of market structure in other asset classes like public equities, fixed income, crypto, etc., it will only be a matter of time before we have a similar evolution in the alternatives and collectibles spaces and Leore is right at the forefront of this curve.

Card collecting and investing is on a tear - 2020 and early into 2021 saw sales of sports cards at public auction reach all-time highs.

Leore has built out an incredible team and vision to build the platform at the epicenter of this market - and he's also built out a fund, Alt Fund, to invest into top cards.

He's leveraging his deep background in the space, having invested in sports cards for 5 years and generated returns that best many hedge fund and VC managers over the same time period.

And most of all, he's a company builder who combines the best of a visionary founder who sees markets before they develop with the ability to execute and ship product.

He's also the founder and CEO of Lob, a highly successful Y Combinator-backed company.

Today’s podcast felt like we were peering into the future of what financial markets will look like. Thanks Leore for giving a glimpse of what’s to come.

You can find this podcast on Spotify here, Apple Podcasts here, and on Transistor here.

I hope you enjoy.

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