Feb 16, 2022 • 41M

[AGM Podcast] Building the next entertainment giant with Nicolas Julia, Co-Founder & CEO of Sorare

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 23 with Nicolas Julia, Co-Founder & CEO of Sorare

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“Our aim is to create the biggest entertainment brand in the world, starting with sports … we are building a cult brand around NFT collectibles and we are bringing usage value for them in the fantasy game and the physical world.” - Nicolas Julia, Sorare.

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have a fascinating discussion about the intersection of culture and finance with Nicolas Julia, the Co-Founder & CEO of Sorare.

Nicolas founded Sorare to build the next entertainment giant. His NFT platform, Sorare, is enabling people to own their game and live at the intersection of work and play – they can play fantasy soccer and trade digital collectibles – and, at times, earn money while doing so.

We covered a number of topics, including:

  • The merging of culture and finance.

  • How Sorare is building a next generation entertainment brand across multiple sports and geographies.

  • How NFTs are integral in on-ramping the next 100M-1B users to crypto.

  • What it means for investors / users to own their in-game assets — and how it changes how they make decisions playing games and investing into NFTs.

  • How Sorare is building the critical market infrastructure across the lifecycle of a trade for NFTs.

  • How sports leagues view NFTs as a new revenue stream and fan engagement tool.

  • The game within the game — how players are playing games within the game of football.

  • How the beautiful game — soccer cards — and NFTs are a sleeping giant in the US.

  • How women’s sports can benefit from the world of NFTs and how bringing on an Advisor like world-class tennis star Serena Williams can help achieve that.

Nicolas has built Sorare into an astronomical success in a short period of time. He grew a team smaller than a starting 11 on a football pitch to hundreds of millions in sales and a record-breaking $680M Series B led by SoftBank in September 2021 that followed a $50M Series A led by Benchmark in January 2021 as NFTs boomed last year.

Sorare was an integral part of the NFT market growth as they enabled people to play fantasy soccer and collect / trade NFTs of professional soccer players.

They are building a critical piece of market infrastructure for the NFT and sports world by leveraging crypto rails to enable an incredible consumer experience revolving around sports and collectibles.

Thanks Nicolas for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast. It was a pleasure to have you help us understand the future of entertainment, NFTs, and sports and how everyone can own their game (and thanks Brian O’Hagan and Kiana Davari for some great questions to ask Nicolas on the podcast!).

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