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[AGM Podcast] Deconstructing Web3's promise with Web3's Wizard with Words, TCG Partner Jarrod Dicker

[AGM Podcast] Deconstructing Web3's promise with Web3's Wizard with Words, TCG Partner Jarrod Dicker

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 21 with TCG Partner Jarrod Dicker

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have Web3’s wizard with words. Jarrod Dicker, Partner at TCG, where he focuses on crypto investments that are enabling the consumerization of crypto.

Jarrod is an expert at the intersection of crypto / NFTs and the media world. He was both an entrepreneur and investor in the media world prior to joining TCG.

We had a fascinating discussion about the transition to the Web3 world. We covered:

  • Whether or not everyone is now an investor and everything is now investable.

  • How social credentialism and the idea of time as an investment is key to Web3.

  • We ended the podcast with some of Jarrod’s famed Web2 // Web3 tweets because he truly is a wizard with words and is a translator for the world of Web3.

There are few people in the crypto space whose content I enjoy reading more than Jarrod's. His Tweets and writing (on, where he's an investor) are incredibly prescient and speaks to his knowledge of the crypto space.

He joined TCG, the famed consumer investor (Twitter, Barstool, Crunchyroll, Hodinkee, Headspace, Dapper Labs), to invest into companies and protocols that create the onramps for consumers to the cryptoeconomy.

They've invested in the likes of Zed Run and Dapper and Jarrod's thought leadership and experience in the media and content worlds should help them continue to access the best.

Prior to TCG Crypto, he was the CEO of, a decentralized media tech company, where he was a pioneer in bringing blockchain to the media and advertising space. He formerly led innovation at The Washington Post, where he was responsible for building out their research, experimentation, and development team and running all of their innovation / commercialization efforts as VP of Commercial.

He also held similar roles at RebelMouse, Time, and HuffPo. Jarrod is one of the most prescient thinkers on how Web3 will change content, content creation, and creators relationships with their community.

I’m excited to see how he builds out TCG and the types of investments they make into the infrastructure building out Web3 so that crypto truly goes mainstream.

Thanks Jarrod for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

You can listen here on Spotify, here on Apple Podcasts, and here on Transistor.

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