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[AGM Podcast] FarmTogether CEO Artem Milinchuk on why everyone should invest into farmland

[AGM Podcast] FarmTogether CEO Artem Milinchuk on why everyone should invest into farmland

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 10 with Artem Milinchuk, CEO and Founder of FarmTogether

Today we have a guest who is bringing farmland investing to the masses.

After working for one of Canada’s largest pension plans, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and running Operations and as the CFO at a platform for buying and selling produce, Artem Milinchuk founded FarmTogether to bring an asset that has largely been the domain of institutional investors to individuals.

Artem and I had a fascinating conversation. We discussed:

  • How farmland deserves a place in all investors’ portfolios – in large part due to its features as a hedge against inflation and a passive income generating investment.

  • How to underwrite a farmland asset.

  • How he one day envisions the ability to invest into farmland embedded directly into one’s brokerage account.

  • He also made a great case for how we can eat our way into supporting farmland investments, like hazelnut farms, which happen to be some of the types of farms that Artem likes to invest into.

FarmTogether is a technology-enabled farmland investment platform that provides investors with direct access to US farmland as an asset class. They have developed an end-to-end investment platform that allows investors to review carefully vetted farmland investments and invest in properties.

Artem has over 10 years of finance experience in food, agriculture, and farmland. Prior to founding FarmTogether, Artem was the first employee and CFO / VP of Operations at Full Harvest Technologies, a post-Series A b2b platform for buying and selling produce.

In addition to working at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, he also worked at Sprott Resource Holdings, E&Y, and PwC.

Thanks Artem for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Artem.

You can find this episode on Spotify here and Transistor here.

I hope you enjoy.

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