Jul 23, 2021 • 46M

[AGM Podcast] How crowdfunding OG Slava Rubin is building the on-ramp to alternative investing with Vincent

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 15 with Slava Rubin, Founder of Vincent

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Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have one of the OGs of the crowdfunding space on to talk about how he’s built platforms that have evolved in tandem with the alts ecosystem.

Slava Rubin is the founder of both Indiegogo, one of the first crowdfunding platforms, and Vincent, a platform that is making discovery and alternative investments easier for investors. He is also the founder of humbition, an early-stage investment firm.

We had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of the alts space – from the early days of equity crowdfunding to now wading through all the different options of investment platforms in the alts space today. We talk about:

  • The evolution of the alts space.

  • The alts portfolio of the future.

  • The need for an aggregator – and how once other industries, like travel, had an aggregator, the space took off.

Slava founded Indiegogo in 2006. He grew Indiegogo from an idea to over 500,000 campaigns and more than $1 billion distributed around the world. While at Indiegogo, Slava represented the crowdfunding industry at the White House during the signing of the JOBS Act and helped navigate bringing equity crowdfunding to the American public.

Slava also pioneered security tokens in the US. He created a way to sell fractionalized ownership of the St. Regis hotel in Aspen, Colorado using blockchain technology.

Slava’s latest work in the alts space is to bring transparency, discovery, and diligence to investors. He’s founded Vincent, which he’s likened to Kayak for alternatives, to enable investors to easily search, discover, and invest into all sorts of alternative assets.

Thanks Slava for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast. We hope you enjoy.

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