Sep 8, 2021 • 47M

[AGM Podcast] How Percent Founder and CEO, Nelson Chu, is transforming private debt markets

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 18 with Percent Founder and CEO Nelson Chu

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Today we have a guest who is transforming the private debt markets.

Nelson Chu is the Founder & CEO of Percent (formerly known as Cadence), a leading digital securitization and investment platform for private credit.

Nelson has built a marketplace to revolutionize private credit by leveraging technology and data to enable efficient price discovery and funding for originators so they can lower their cost of capital.

The business has started to take off in the past year, with Percent recently completing their largest securitization ever - $144 million for FAT Brands – and raising a $12.5M Series A led by White Star and B Capital. To date, Percent has issued over $400 million in private credit transactions.

Nelson has the Wall Street background to understand the private credit world and the startup background to understand how to build companies.

Prior to founding Percent, he founded Lumenary, a strategy consulting firm that specialized in helping companies build products and raise capital for growth. He worked at BlackRock in their Fixed Income Portfolio Management’s Strategy Group and in the Global Wealth and Investment Management Division at Bank of America.

Nelson is also an active startup advisor and angel investor, investing into companies like BlockFi, Cadre, Care/of, Clover Health, dv01, Tala, and Uala.

Nelson and I had a fascinating conversation about the future of debt capital markets and how Percent is changing the game for originators and investors as they leverage technology and data to bring transparency and speed to the market.

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Thanks Nelson for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast. We hope you enjoy.

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