Jul 30, 2021 • 40M

[AGM Podcast] How Vinovest Founder & CEO Anthony Zhang is turning a passion for wine into an investable asset class

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 16 with Anthony Zhang, Founder & CEO of Vinovest

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Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have a guest who may be young in age, but has already done more and lived through more than many people twice his age.

Anthony Zhang recently turned 26 but has already successfully built and sold two companies, secured funding from Mark Cuban, and received a Thiel Fellowship grant before starting Vinovest, his third company, which is making it easier to access fine wine as an investment product.

He also has an admirable and awe-inspiring personal story, working hard to come back from a devastating accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He was in the middle of running his second company, EnvoyNow, when this accident happened and, despite the tremendous adversity he faced, was able to continue to build the business and achieve a successful sale.

Anthony recently founded Vinovest, a platform that has been described as the Robinhood of wine investing. He’s built an investment platform that is unlocking wine investing to the masses.

We had a fascinating conversation. We talked about:

  • Anthony’s background as an entrepreneur.

  • Some of the lessons learned from starting 3 companies by the ripe old age of 26.

  • How fine wine can be a compelling investment during periods of volatility.

  • How to identify an investment-grade wine.

  • Some of his favorite wines (that he drinks and invests into!).

Wine as an investment has been largely inaccessible to the individual investor due to high account minimums, a lack of wine expertise, concerns about fraud, and the excessive costs associated with storing and insuring wine. Vinovest is abstracting away many of these issues with their automated investment platform that helps investors invest into fine wine as an asset class.

Thanks Anthony for coming on the AGM podcast. We hope you enjoy this episode.

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