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[AGM Podcast] How WAX Founder & CEO Calvin Bradley is "insuring" that alts go mainstream

[AGM Podcast] How WAX Founder & CEO Calvin Bradley is "insuring" that alts go mainstream

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 17 with WAX Founder & CEO Calvin Bradley

Today we have a founder who is creating a modern insurance provider for the collectibles industry that was made for collectors, by collectors.

Calvin Bradley is the Founder of WAX, a digital insurance company for collectors to protect the value of their collections by making collecting safer, easier, and more community-oriented.

Calvin and I had a fascinating conversation about how the modern world of collectibles requires a modern, digital insurance solution, how NFTs factors into the world of collectibles, and what the future looks like for WAX.

Insurance is a major challenge in the collectibles space. It is often hard to properly appraise valuable items on a real-time basis as there has yet to be real-time data in many collectibles markets.

WAX is building a modern insurance provider, for collectors, by collectors. Founded by a team that has deep experience owning collectibles, they have created a mobile app to enable users to take pictures of their collectibles and have them protected.

And, as more collectibles purchases move online, WAX is working with retailers point of sale systems to offer insurance at time of purchase.

Calvin has quite a fascinating background to launch WAX. Calvin was a former Olympic level Modern Pentathlete from South Africa before teaming up with David Nichols, the former Global President of K-Swiss to launch WAX. Calvin also co-founded Blockchain for Change in 2016.

They have since launched a product that is built for the digital age of insurance and for the collectibles world.

Thanks Calvin for coming on the AGM podcast. We hope you enjoy the episode.

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