Dec 17, 2021 • 50M

[AGM Podcast] Moonfare Founder, CEO Steffen Pauls & Fidelity International Strategic Ventures Managing Partner Alokik Advani on why they believe in the future of retail distribution in alts

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 20 with Moonfare Founder, CEO Steffen Pauls and Fidelity International Strategic Ventures Managing Partner Alokik Advani

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Today, we have a unique episode on Alt Goes Mainstream. We have our first episode with a founder and their lead investor from their Series B.

We have the founder of leading alts fund investment platform, Moonfare, and their Series B lead investor, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, on the podcast to talk about why both of them believe in the future of retail distribution in alts and the anatomy of their deal.

Steffen Pauls, the founder of Moonfare, has had an illustrious career in the private equity world. Prior to founding Moonfare in 2016, Steffen was a MD at KKR where he was responsible for the firm’s coverage of the German market. Prior to joining KKR, he was the CEO of firstfive AG. He also served on the Advisory Board of Versatel, Serbia Broadband, and Hertha BSC.

Alokik Advani, who runs Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, is an expert in the financial market structure. He’s been right in the middle of investing in many of the core technology solutions that have powered market structure evolutions across equities, fixed income, commodities, and now alternative assets. At Fidelity, Alokik invests into category defining FinTech companies. They’ve made a number of FinTech investments that have helped shape the alts space, including DriveWealth, Moonfare, Capdesk, PrimaryBid, and others. Prior to Fidelity, Alokik was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, where he invested out of the Principal Strategic Investments team into many companies that have shaped market structure evolutions across asset classes.

It was fascinating to have the perspective from both founder and investor on the evolution of the world of alts. We discussed how investor demand has evolved from institutional investor to the retail and private wealth communities. Steffen and Alokik provided fascinating views on how the alts market structure has changed and how Moonfare and Fidelity are helping to shape the market.

Thanks Steffen and Alokik for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

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