Jun 27, 2021 • 48M

[AGM Podcast] Pipe's Chief Business Officer Michal Cieplinski on how they have built a unicorn by unlocking recurring revenue as an asset class

Alt Goes Mainstream Ep. 13 with Michal Cieplinski, Chief Business Officer of Pipe

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Today, we have an expert in lending and capital markets on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast to discuss how his company, Pipe, is building a new asset class.

Michal Cieplinski is the Chief Business Officer for Pipe, a fast growing fintech company.

Pipe has seen a rapid rise over the past year. They are one of the fastest fintech companies to reach a $2 billion valuation – and it’s in large part because investors see the potential to build a platform that unlocks recurring revenue as an investable asset class for the world’s largest institutional investors.

Michal deeply understands the inner workings of credit and lending on both the borrower and lender side from his experiences helping to build Fundbox, LendingClub, and now Pipe.

Pipe was born from the idea that entrepreneurs and companies should be able to grow their businesses on their terms – without taking debt or dilution.

This was a fascinating discussion with someone who has seen the evolution of a number of lending platforms. Michal and I discussed:

  • Lessons learned from building marketplace fintech businesses.

  • How Pipe is empowering founders to adopt a “trader mentality” by unlocking recurring revenue as an asset class. 

  • How Pipe is creating an efficient way for companies to turn their predictable revenue streams into a way to access capital without sacrificing dilution.

  • How Pipe is building out both the buy side and sell side of their marketplace.

  • How Pipe handles churn on SaaS contracts of their sell side borrowers.

  • How he thinks about the evolution of Pipe as a platform in terms of the types of assets you would "pipe" and how any sort of recurring revenue stream - like ISPs, streaming services, even PE / VC fund management fees could be "piped."

Thanks Michal for coming on the AGM podcast. We hope you enjoy.

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