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🎙Betterfront Co-Founder & CEO Michel Geolier on how data and software can drive better investment decisions and fundraising success

Ep. 53 with Michel Geolier, Co-Founder & CEO of Betterfront

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Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

Today’s episode of Alt Goes Mainstream features someone who is building a vertical SaaS solution for fund managers and LPs.

Today’s guest is Michel Geolier, the Co-Founder and CEO of Betterfront, a b2b company dedicated to private markets. He’s building a comprehensive solution to enable fund managers to more efficiently and effectively fundraise and trade secondary market fund interests.

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Betterfront’s mission is to transform the way alternative fund managers engage, win, and retain investors by using technology, data, and analytics. Betterfront is already trusted by a number of top European VCs, including Cherry Ventures, Partech, Episode 1, and more.

Michel comes at the problem of fundraising with a very unique perspective. He was previously on the LP side, where he led due diligence and fund manager selection for the Siemens’ pension fund in Germany. And he started Betterfront out of frustration for poor solutions for analyzing alternative investment funds.

Michel and I had a thought-provoking conversation about the current challenges that GPs have with fundraising and how Betterfront was built to provide better solutions for GPs.

We discuss how much of private markets technology is ripe for disruption and why historically it’s been difficult to build modern specialized software for private markets.

We then look to the future about how Michel believes that the placement agent and secondaries businesses can be disrupted with technology and data. You can read more about Betterfront’s secondary marketplace that enables LPs to buy and sell fund interests here.

Thanks Michel for coming on the AGM podcast. We hope you enjoy.

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