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🎥 Ep. 2: Taking the pulse of private markets with Lawrence Calcano, Chairman & CEO of iCapital

2nd episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse - an iCapital x AGM collaboration

Welcome to the 2nd episode of a collaboration between iCapital x Alt Goes Mainstream.

Here’s the latest episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse, a live conversation in studio with Lawrence Calcano, the CEO of iCapital, who as the leader of a platform that is responsible for the majority of individual and advisor-led investment flows into the alts space, has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in private markets.

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On this episode, Lawrence and I had a fun and lively discussion. We covered:

  • What iCapital is seeing in the market now.

  • How allocators are balancing strategies that make sense right now versus strategies, like venture, that may pay off in the future.

  • How the alts space has evolved over the past 10 years.

  • How the change in wealth management market structure and the rise of the breakaway broker has driven alts innovation forward.

  • Some of the biggest challenges that iCapital has encountered over the past 10 years of growth.

  • How Lawrence & iCapital have built a platform to serve different clients on the GP and LP sides.

  • How iCapital took inspiration from prior market structure evolutions and innovations, like ETFs and mutual funds.

  • What companies did iCapital look to for inspiration?

  • The importance of UI/UX in B2B financial services — and how does this change with Millennials and Gen Z’s becoming customers or users?

  • Building the desktop real estate for alts.

  • What does a quote from a Dirty Harry movie have to do with the growth of iCapital?

Thanks Lawrence for a great episode … looking forward to next month’s conversation!

Join thought leaders from private markets firms like Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Apollo, Fidelity, iCapital, Franklin Templeton, and more.

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