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🎥 Ep. 4: Taking the pulse of private markets with Lawrence Calcano, Chairman & CEO of iCapital

4th episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse - an iCapital x AGM collaboration

Welcome to the 4th episode of a collaboration between iCapital x Alt Goes Mainstream.

Here’s the latest episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse, a live conversation in studio with Lawrence Calcano, the Chairman & CEO of iCapital, who as the leader of a platform that is responsible for the majority of individual and advisor-led investment flows into the alts space, has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in private markets.

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On this episode, Lawrence and I had a fun and lively discussion. We covered:

  • What iCapital is seeing in the market now.

  • How the evolution of wealth management is coinciding with the growth of alts.

  • How the rise of the “super RIA / aggregator” can help accelerate the adoption of alts.

  • How improving equity markets could shorten fundraising cycles for funds.

  • How the needs of the wealth manager has evolved as wealth management platforms have evolved.

  • Why the need for high-quality — and uniform — infrastructure and end-to-end automation is so critical to enable wealth advisors to properly participate in private markets.

  • How iCapital is endeavoring to build the operating system for private markets through automation.

  • Where infrastructure innovation in private markets goes from here.

  • How and why alts will become a core part of an investors’ portfolio.

  • How the evolution of various market structures — equities, fixed income, and products like ETFs and mutual funds — provides lessons learned for the evolution of alts market structure.

Thanks Lawrence for a great episode … looking forward to next month’s conversation!

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