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🎥 Ep. 5: Taking the pulse of private markets with Lawrence Calcano, Chairman & CEO of iCapital

5th episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse - an iCapital x AGM collaboration

Welcome to the 5th episode of a collaboration between iCapital x Alt Goes Mainstream.

Here’s the latest episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse, a live conversation in studio with Lawrence Calcano, the Chairman & CEO of iCapital, who as the leader of a platform that is responsible for the majority of individual and advisor-led investment flows into the alts space, has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in private markets.

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On this episode, Lawrence and I had a fun and lively discussion. We covered:

  • How interest in alts is growing around the world.

  • What Lawrence learned on his trips to Europe, LatAm, and Asia meeting with advisors, private banks, and GPs across those respective regions.

  • Why each region has its own unique challenges, in large part due to different regulatory structures and wealth management market structures.

  • How to build a global alts business while simultaneously tailoring the culture and client experience to specific client demands.

  • Why global, brand name fund managers may resonate in different parts of the world.

  • Why advisors are very focused on products right now that have a “modicum of liquidity.”

  • Stories and anecdotes from Lawrence’s conversations at an event they hosted with over 200 advisors in LatAm through iCapital’s partnership with Unicorn Strategic Partners.

  • Why being on the ground to understand different cultures and ecosystems is so important to learning and building the right organic feedback loops to structure solutions in private markets.

Thanks Lawrence for a great episode … looking forward to next month’s conversation!

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