Jul 6, 2022 • 39M

Global Founders Capital Partner Don Stalter on the evolution of technology innovation, venture capital, and crypto

Ep. 40 with Don Stalter, Partner at Global Founders Capital

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Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have a guest who has seen the alts and crypto worlds from multiple angles.

Don Stalter is a Partner at Global Founders Capital (GFC) where he focuses primarily on the US early stage venture market. He has a deep operating background as a founder and operator at some of tech’s leading marketplaces.

He co-founded CityDeal, which was acquired by Groupon. He then built Groupon’s international offices in Europe and Asia.

He subsequently led BD at Airbnb globally and launched multiple offices organically and through M&A.

At GFC, he’s been an early investor in fintech titans Brex, Checkr, Deel, Slope, and many more. He’s also invested in a number of crypto funds.

We had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of technology and venture capital. We also discuss how companies can think about integrating crypto – namely the likes of Airbnb and Brex – into their payments flow and how VC funds can approach investing into crypto funds and companies.

This was a fascinating conversation with a really thoughtful VC. Thanks Don for coming on the AGM podcast.

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