Mar 15 • 41M

🎙 How the digitization of fund accounting will take alts into the mainstream with LemonEdge CEO & Co-Founder Gareth Hewitt

Ep. 54 with Gareth Hewitt, CEO and Co-Founder of LemonEdge

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Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

On today’s podcast, we have an expert in alternative assets and fund accounting. We welcome Gareth Hewitt, a fund accounting veteran and co-founder of LemonEdge, to the show.

Gareth is the CEO and Co-Founder of LemonEdge, where they are building a better, more efficient fund accounting software platform.

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With backing from Blackstone, Lauren Iaslovits, the founder of pioneering fund accounting software Investran (acq by SunGard), Sidekick Partners, and others deep in the PE and alts world, Gareth has been building a next generation fund accounting solution for GPs, fund admins, and investment platforms.

LemonEdge’s solution has a modern core infrastructure, full multi-currency partnership accounting, system-aware fund structures and integrated waterfall technology. They've built a platform that is used by a number of the industry's largest GPs and asset managers.

Gareth is an expert in alternative assets — he was Head of UK Product Development & Sales for eFront, a unicorn focused on software for alternative investment funds, which sold to BlackRock and he then founded and ran a fund solutions business.

Gareth and I had a fascinating conversation about private markets. We discussed:

  • Why innovation in fund accounting is so critical to the evolution of private markets.

  • How LemonEdge is on the cutting edge of the transformation in fund accounting.

  • How to take a problem that’s historically been solved by spreadsheets to a low code / no code platform.

  • How the fund accounting space can be digitized and customized.

  • When and how strategic investors can be valuable in the alts space.

Thanks Gareth for coming on the show to share your wisdom and experience in private markets and let everyone know about the exciting business you’re building at LemonEdge.

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