Dec 12, 2022 • 50M

Levent Altunel & Enrico Ohnemuller, Co-Founders of Bunch, on creating the operating system for private market investors

Ep. 48 with Levent Altunel & Enrico Ohnemuller, Co-Founders of Bunch

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We believe that good things come in bunches. On the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast, we’ve covered a number of innovative ways in which more investors are now able to access alternative investments thanks to innovation in infrastructure that pools investors together.

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast, we are lucky enough to peer into a market that’s creating a bunch of excitement: the early stage venture market in Europe.

Levent Altunel and Enrico Ohnemuller are a big part of making alts go mainstream in Europe with their company, Bunch.

In Bunch, Levent and Enrico are building the operating system for private markets investing. They’ve brought their fantastic and relevant backgrounds to bear – Levent as a Citi alum and VC investor at Paua Ventures and Enrico as a Goldman alum and a builder at FinLeap, building critical core banking and payments infrastructure – that will enable them to unlock the private markets for more investors and make these markets more efficient.

Levent and Enrico have quickly figured out how to build the critical infrastructure for private markets in Europe while navigating a complex regulatory landscape and multiple jurisdictions. They’ve built compliant, regulated end-to-end infrastructure to help founders roll up smaller investors and angels and help VCs and angels to efficiently and seamlessly raise capital and manage SPVs.

They are coming off a recent 7M EUR seed round led by Cherry Ventures and have already grown in leaps and bounds at a time when alts are going mainstream in Europe.

Levent, Enrico, and I had a fascinating conversation. We discussed:

  • Why they believe SPVs are the atomic unit of value for private markets.

  • How the seedification and decentralization of private markets has created the need for better private markets infrastructure.

  • Why they are creating the “Clean Cap Table Club.”

  • How SPVs can help investors build a track record to launch their fund.

  • Why there are very big businesses to be built in the alts space.

Levent and Enrico share a very thoughtful, nuanced view into the importance of private markets infrastructure so any investor and founder will enjoy hearing their wisdom.

Thanks Levent and Enrico for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast to share your wisdom about private markets. Good things really do come in bunches.

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