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Luke Ellis, CEO of Man Group, on how a $142B investment manager creates client-centered outcomes: A special podcast series with CAIA

Luke Ellis, CEO of Man Group, on how a $142B investment manager creates client-centered outcomes: A special podcast series with CAIA

Ep. 45 with Luke Ellis, CEO of Man Group

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast, we have the first podcast in a three part series with titans in the alts world on how they’ve built and run some of the world’s largest investment managers.

We have partnered with CAIA, the leading global professional body in alternative investment credentialing programs, for a very special episode that dovetails with the release of their latest report on Renewed Professionalism and creating client-centered outcomes for the Portfolio of the Future.

We are lucky enough to have Luke Ellis, the CEO of Man Group, one of the largest active investment firms in the world. Man Group manages $142B (as of June 30, 2022) across a range of liquid and private markets strategies and has the central objective to deliver alpha for clients.

Speaking of alpha, Luke and I had a fascinating discussion about what it means to create alpha. Luke believes that alts are all about the return the client gets and he and Man are focused on doing important work to ensure that the end client, the saver, is generating returns over time for the risk they are taking.

Luke’s background has a consistent them of helping to make certain investment strategies and asset classes go mainstream. He was part of the early days of the development of the derivatives world at JP Morgan and was a pioneer in the hedge fund space, helping hedge fund of funds FRM enable hedge funds to become a mainstream part of investors’ portfolios.

He’s since taken over the helm at Man Group for the past 12 years and has helped steer them become one of the most important investment management firms in the world.

Please enjoy this wide ranging discussion where we talk about:

  • The importance of active management.

  • Fee compression in the industry.

  • The importance of technology in investment management.

  • The impact of human behavior on financial markets.

  • Why it’s important to focus on the end client.

  • How Ted Lasso’s management style has informed how Luke thinks about building Man Group to enable clients to achieve alpha.

Thanks to Luke and CAIA for collaborating on this important topic. We hope you enjoy.

You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts here, Spotify here, and Transistor here.

Alt Goes Mainstream
Alt Goes Mainstream
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