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🎙Semper Co-Founder Mathias Pastor on standardizing private markets and creating liquidity mechanisms for private companies and employees

Ep. 50 with Mathias Pastor, Co-Founder of Semper

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We have an exciting episode today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

We are joined by Mathias Pastor, the Co-Founder of Semper, a London and Paris based company that uses liquidity to align the interests of private companies, employees and investors.

Mathias and his co-founder Balthazar de Lavergne created Semper after observing that private companies are staying private longer and employees and founders need ways to unlock liquidity in a systematic, recurring way. Working at The Family, a European VC fund, Mathias saw that employees at some of their largest and fastest growing companies were paper-rich, but didn’t have the liquidity that reflected the value of their shares.

Mathias and Balthazar have created a liquidity financing platform to help fast-growing private companies run recurring, end-to-end secondary transactions. They believe this can enable teams to retain talent while enabling investors to access high-quality private companies.

Mathias and I had a fascinating conversation about how and why they have started with liquidity solutions for private companies, how they are approaching secondary market liquidity for both companies and investors, why recurring liquidity programs make sense for companies and employees, how employee retention for companies can be an important feature of private secondary transactions, what is beyond secondary market liquidity for a platform like Semper, and why Europe is an interesting place to start.

Thanks Mathias for coming on the AGM podcast to share your insightful views on private markets.

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