May 10 • 48M

🎙Sheel Mohnot of Better Tomorrow Ventures on the challenges and highlights of building a first-time fund into a first call FinTech VC

Ep. 62 with Sheel Mohnot, Founding Partner at Better Tomorrow Ventures

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Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

On today’s episode, we have Sheel Mohnot, the co-founder and Partner of FinTech VC fund Better Tomorrow Ventures.

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Sheel is a career fintech investor and operator. He has built Better Tomorrow Ventures into an active pre-seed and seed stage fintech VC that has grown to over $225M AUM. Prior to founding BTV, he was the GP at 500 FinTech, where he was the first institutional investor in Albert, Kin, Indio, Chipper Cash, Ethic, and others. He was also an early investor in Stripe and Flexport. He also co-founded two fintech startups – FeeFighters, which was acquired by GroupOn, and Innovative Auctions.

Sheel and I had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of FinTech, how to build and scale an emerging manager, the challenges of raising a first time fund, and why smaller funds can outperform.

We didn’t have a chance to discuss the experience of his Taco Bell wedding in the metaverse, but congrats Sheel and Amruta on your marriage and wishing you happiness in both life and the metaverse.

Thanks Sheel for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast to share your wisdom and experiences.

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