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🎙 Special Episode: Alt Goes Mainstream x Venture Unlocked - The future of venture capital and private markets with Allocate Co-Founder & CEO Samir Kaji

Ep. 55 with Samir Kaji, Co-Founder & CEO of Allocate

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Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

We have a special episode today – it’s a collaboration between Alt Goes Mainstream and Venture Unlocked: Samir Kaji, the Co-Founder & CEO of Allocate and the Venture Unlocked Podcast, and I have a back and forth discussion about the future of private markets and venture.

If you are an allocator to private markets or a VC fund manager, you won’t want to miss this.

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Samir co-founded Allocate to enable the wealth management community to be able to access high quality venture funds in the same way institutions have for years.

He draws upon a background of 22 years in venture banking at First Republic and SVB, where he worked closely with and advised over 700 venture capital and private equity firms. He completed over $12B in structured debt transactions and has invested in a number of funds and companies.

Samir completed the Kauffman Fellows venture program and is an active writer and podcaster with Venture Unlocked.

We cover:

  • Where is venture now and what the future looks like.

  • Alpha vs. Beta in venture.

  • Why VC should be included in many investors’ allocations.

  • How LPs can approach venture in this dynamic market.

  • How VC funds have turned into platforms, much like private equity, and what this means for the industry.

Note that the podcast was recorded before the Silicon Valley Bank news, so we did not cover the topic of the banking system and its impacts on the venture ecosystem on this show.

Thanks Samir for collaborating to have a rich conversation on the complexities of venture capital and the current environment.

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