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🎥 Ep. 1: Taking the pulse of private markets with Lawrence Calcano, Chairman & CEO of iCapital

1st episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse - an iCapital x AGM collaboration

Welcome to the launch of the collaboration between iCapital x Alt Goes Mainstream.

Here’s the first episode of the Monthly Alts Pulse, a live conversation in studio with Lawrence Calcano, the CEO of iCapital, who as the leader of a platform that is responsible for the majority of individual and advisor-led investment flows into the alts space, has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in private markets.

Come for education, stay for Succession.

Watch the Monthly Alts Pulse

On this episode, we covered a lot of ground. Lawrence and I discussed:

  • Making sense of the current market environment.

  • What advisors are saying about private markets and how they are investing in private markets right now.

  • How the interest and knowledge of private markets have evolved over the past 10 years since iCapital started.

  • The value of patience in private markets.

  • Liquidity vs illiquidity.

  • The arc of innovation in private markets.

  • Why now is the time for private credit and secondaries.

  • How technology will automate access for institutions and HNW investors.

  • Lessons from Succession and the Wall Street Journal test.

Thanks Lawrence for a great first episode … looking forward to next month’s conversation!

Join thought leaders from private markets firms like Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Apollo, Fidelity, iCapital, Franklin Templeton, and more.

Alt Goes Mainstream
Alt Goes Mainstream