Mar 8, 2021 • 2M

Welcome to the Alt Goes Mainstream Podcast

We are launching the AGM podcast!

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Welcome to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

I’m excited to share the Alt Goes Mainstream trailer here in advance of our first episode that drops later this week.

We’ve been building up to this point for a while … and 2020 has witnessed a shift in how people think about investing.

There have been a confluence of events that have changed people’s minds on how they invest.

Everything from a low interest rate environment to technology innovation that has democratized access to alternative investments to the rise of influencer investors.

No longer do we live in an era of the 60/40 portfolio.

People – particularly Millennials and Gen Z – want to invest in everything from startups to sports cards to digital collectibles.

And we’ve hit the point where we have seen the collision of culture and capital.

All sorts of assets are being financialized – and it’s going to have a big impact on how we invest and what we invest into.

Alt Goes Mainstream will cover how a previously small – and alternative – corner of the investing world has made its way into mainstream conversations. On social media platforms, on Clubhouse, and in people’s portfolios.

We have everything from blog posts to podcasts with industry leaders that include many of the top founders, investors, and wealth managers who are helping to make Alts Go Mainstream.

We’ll cover why and how we think the world is changing. I’ll draw on my experiences as an early employee at two of the early alt investment platforms – iCapital and Mosaic - and as an early investor in a number of alt investment platforms that are pioneering this groundbreaking trend.

Alt Goes Mainstream will keep you up to date on the future of finance. I’m excited for you to join me in learning about a space that is becoming an important part of finance.

You’ll be able to find our podcasts here on this Substack and you can subscribe on Spotify here, Apple Podcasts here, and Google Podcasts here. A full list of podcast subscriptions are here.

I hope you enjoy hearing from the industry’s leaders.


Thanks to our awesome team of creators, Chris Enns of Lemon Productions (producer), Yung Spielburg (music), and Emily Kolodny (artwork), for their great work!

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